how to find Hampshire country school

Hampshire Country School is located in the southern New Hampshire town of Rindge, near the Massachusetts border.

The school is approximately 90 minutes northwest of Boston and approximately 60 minutes southwest of Manchester.

campus map aerial view



Although there are several highways that lead to HCS from the Boston area, the fastest route is via MA-2 W as it avoids congestion on the Mystic Valley Parkway. This route is about 70 miles takes approximately 90 minutes. Note this route has tolls.

  • Get on I-90 W from Transportation Way - 2 min (0.6 miles)

  • Follow I-90 W and I-95 N to MA-2 W in Lexington - take exit 29B from I-95 N (24 minutes / 21.5 miles)

  • Merge onto MA-2 W (10 minutes / 8.0 miles)

  • Follow MA-2 W to Abbott Avenue in Leominster - take the Abbott Avenue exit from MA-2 W (22 minutes / 22.0 miles)

  • Take John Fitch Highway, Rindge Road, Rindge Turnpike, MA-119 W and NH-119 W to Patey Circle in Rindge (30 minutes / 17.7 miles)

  • Arrive at Hampshire Country School - 28 Patey Circle, Rindge, NH 03461

Boston airport sign

Boston airport

Manchester airport sign

Manchester airport



Driving via NH-101 W is the fastest route from the Manchester area. The route is about 44 miles and takes approximately 60 minutes to arrive at the school.

  • Take Everett Turnpike, NH-130 W, MA-13 S/Brookline Street, and MA-119 W/Main St to Wheeler Road in Townsend (43 minutes / 31.2 miles)

  • Take Turnpike Road to MA-119 W in Ashby (5 minutes / 2.6 miles)

  • Continue on MA-119 W to Rindge (10 minutes / 8.4 miles)

  • Take Hampshire Road to Patey Circle (3 minutes / 1.2 miles)

  • Arrive at Hampshire Country School - 28 Patey Circle, Rindge, NH 03461